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We are looking for all Sargon manuals so we can offer them for free to the public.

Send a e-mail to lmsc@pacbell.net if you have a manual.

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Click below to download a PDF of the desired manual.

Push button face plate models:

650 Series DRO Manual

700 Series DRO Manual

Super Platinum Edge


Membrane face plate models

Prospector DRO Manual

Enco/Sargon Platinum Plus Manual

Gold Standard Manual

Gold Tracer Display Mill

Gold Tracer II Display Mill

Gold Tracer Display EDM

Gold Tracer Lathe Display

Silverado Display

Platinum Plus (Enco) Display


Pro Series displays

Lathe Pro Display

Mill Pro Display


Older scales: 100 & XT200

Installation & Service Manual

XT350 Mini-scale manual

 XT350 scale installation manual

Newer scales: XTG300

XTG300 series installation guide

Captain Sargon to the rescue!

Always there for you! [TM]


Sargon had distinguished itself by providing fast and efficient support services.

Whenever you have problems, Linear Measuring Systems is there to answer your calls. Simply call 877-376-4373 (outside the US 714-386-5725) and talk to a friendly human voice. No complex menu navigations, no long waiting times, just a friendly human voice to help you!

Your productivity is our highest priority, that's why most repairs are completed within 24 - 48 business hours.

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