digital readouts and linear scales 

 buyers' guide


Mill Pro


  Lathe Pro




  650 Gold Standard   700 Gold Tracer   900 M Gold Tracer II Mill

Gold Standard


Gold Tracer


 Gold Tracer II Mill

  660 Prospector    700 L Gold Tracer Lathe   900 L Gold Tracer II Lathe



Gold Tracer Lathe


Gold Tracer II Lathe





Gold Tracer EDM  




Gold Index

Gold Tracer EDM


Gold Index 


If you are looking for product manuals, please click on this Support link to go to where

you can get a manual 




5 Ám, 10 Ám

5 m solid (+modular)

   MO200 series  


1 Ám, 2 Ám, 5 Ám, 10 Ám

 XTG300 series

MO200 series metallic optical scales


XTG300 series glass mini scales


2 Ám, 5 Ám, 10 Ám

 100 series

100 series glass scales




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